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$30 Billion - That's The Annual Spending Of Drug Companies For Marketing Their Drugs To Doctors. (AARP, 2019)

And that's in only one country! Add to that the spending on consumer marketing ($6.4B – for direct advertisements), the marketing costs alone are enough to skyrocket the prices of your life-saving medical products and services. Advent of new technologies, medicines and therapeutic solutions is not something new in the healthcare sector. But you can still save big on marketing by pushing the right product to the right source with high accuracy.

Prescription Data Intelligence (PDI) –
Inroads to Efficient Targeted Marketing in Healthcare

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Prescription Data Intelligence

What is Prescription Data Intelligence?

Prescription Data Intelligence (PDI) is essentially the intelligence gathered from 1.4 Million medical prescriptions of doctors and practitioners globally. It is great for understanding trending recommendations in the fields of medicine and healthcare technology.

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How does your business succeed with PDI?

Accuracy and precision are trademarks of the healthcare industry. Prescription Data Intelligence adds more of it in the sector’s dynamic trends. It will not only make healthcare providers more responsive towards patients’ care-giving, but will also save more from targeted medical spending and consequently increase their returns.

PDI has already established its need in the pharmaceuticals sector. But none the less, medical institutions, healthcare facilities and medical suppliers & vendors can also benefit from its vast applications.
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