Subscribers are constantly on the move
and wrong information can cost you dear.

Reimagine Online Publisher Marketing By
Targeting The Right Subscriber & Industry Prospects

Online Publishing

Online Publisher Focused Database

Target the right audiences who are searching for your online content.

Put An End To Subscriber Data Decay And Fill Every Missing Information Using Our Online Publisher Focused Database

Our professional and B2B lists with our 800 strong data experts’ team can clean and update your existing subscriber database with our online publisher CRM cleansing services.

Our database is updated every 45 days against the industry average of 3 months. With our human verified intelligence, we are also helping online publishers identify social handles of existing subscribers as well as of new target audiences.

Kick start your online monetization by asking our experts:

  • Can I get assured increase in my website traffic with audience targeting?
  • Can I grow my subscriber base by reaching specific industry contacts?
  • Can I find audiences who need the content that we publish online?
  • Can we find targeted industry customer data of knowledge seekers?
  • Is there a ready list of online advertisers to whom we can target?
  • Are there customers looking for online publisher affiliate partnerships?
This is what some of our most valued digital publishing customers ask our lead data experts. Join us for a customized lead generation and online publisher focused strategy session to build your ideal customer profiles.

Keep targeting the right audiences who are
searching for your online content.

Also Discover Your Most Sought After Industry Contacts Who Want to Advertise On Your Channel

  • Contacts decision makers who want to advertise their services.
  • Contacts online marketers who want to advertise on your channel.
  • Leads list of marketers from organizations looking for online publishers.
  • Contacts of IT companies who want to reach out to your audience base.
  • Email IDs of prospects who want to promote their online events.
  • Decision maker contacts of companies looking for channel partners.
  • Contacts of advertisers and agencies who are looking for publishers.
  • Media planning experts who want to target your subscriber base.

We can create many more tailored customer segments suitable for targeting and pitching your specific online publishing content. There are many in your total addressable market of potential advertisers and affiliate partners who will find value in showcasing their services on your platform.

Our experts can show the best way to target those who are searching online for publishers with specific keywords. Your online publishing business will be a good match for many decision makers who are on a constant lookout for online advertising channels.

Talk to our experts to create the most profitable customer personas for your online publishing business. We have an accurate and updated email lead list segmented by industries, job profiles and expertise sought by knowledge seekers in the market.

Understand the triggers to their purchase intent and what motivates them to subscribe to online publishing platforms. Now you can easily connect with customers who belong to a specific profession to whom your online publishing channel caters to. Find segmented and accurate email leads list of targets who are eager to consumer your content – based on geography, skills, specializations, industry, events and job titles.

Our specialized digital growth marketing and lead generation programs for publishers are helping them expand their subscriber base. Many of our happy online publishing clients have been able to boost revenues through both – reader subscriptions as well as online advertising.

Online publishing customer data fields we can help you fill in include:

  • Email Address
  • Company Contact Address
  • Direct Dial
  • Fax
  • LinkedIn IDs
  • Twitter IDs
  • Facebook IDs
  • Skills
  • Desired customers
  • Company
  • Job Title
  • Industry type
  • Revenues
  • Technology specialization
  • Technology intent
  • Digital Transformation Needs

Chalk out a plan that is best suited for the type of content that you publish and target the right audience personas to showcase your online channel.

Grow your online subscriber base and attract more advertising revenue for your online publishing channel.

No matter which industry you cater to,
We have the customer base to build your subscriber loyalty.

Here’s what you can do with our online publisher focused growth marketing:

  • B2B Customer Focused Email Marketing Campaigns.
  • Lead Generation and focused product page creation.
  • Specific audience targeting with your online content.
  • Launch LinkedIn, Facebook and Google retargeting.
  • CRM set up and subscriber data accuracy services.
  • Subscriber data in CRM cleansing and data refresh.
  • Subscriber lead generation and sales outsourcing.
  • Online webinar and knowledge series promotions.
  • Tradeshows and online channel partner marketing.

Leverage our audience reach to monetize your online publishing business. Find the best customers who need your channel content to enhance their professional abilities and revenues.

online publishing channel

Know what it takes to build subscribe loyalty.

Before You Launch Campaigns To Grow Subscribers

Understand What It Takes To Nurture Website and Landing Page Visitors & Leads

Database update deficit and lost leads cause online endeavours to lose value over time. Attempts to gain readership through competitive engagements, literary forums, and technical arsenal pay off little. Hence, we assist the publishing industry in achieving balance between the traditional marketing benefits and online opportunities.

At Lake B2B, the marketing woes of publishers come to an end through the following benefits:

  • Retaining the trust of the ad readers through tailor-made ads
  • Behavior-based targeting to offer the better experience to subscribers
  • Exposure to connections in the online social media

Find out if your publisher marketing strategy is customer data aligned!

Untapped Subscriber Database is Waiting to Integrate With Your Customer CRM

Untapped Subscriber Database

Power Of Accurate

Launch Your Publisher Marketing Campaign With Accurate Contact Data.

By Online Behavior and Research Intent

Find Most Prospective Audience Data To Grow Your Publisher Subscriber Base.

Hyper-Personalized Messages

Target the Best Customer Email IDs From Our Pre-Qualified Subscriber Database.

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Find dedicated audience development teams and campaign managers with our database services.

  • Offsite teams for email marketing and bounce management.
  • Digital Marketing teams with expertise in social media planning.
  • Newsletter, email, Google PPC, YouTube and social Advertising.
  • On-site visitor tracking and nurturing with well-designed funnels.
  • Content promotion to an accurate database of subscriber leads.

Want to convert these challenges into opportunities?
Speak to our growth marketing and data experts.

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