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Know what drives businesses to adopt IoT devices and connected solutions faster

Unlock Customer Insights & Boost Close Rates in the Connected Space

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The IoT revolution today goes way beyond connected wearables. From smart agriculture to AR-driven apparel upheavals, the technology is proliferating faster than you can imagine. Now, as the cost of hardware is falling drastically, IoT-enabled applications and practices are touted to grow even bigger.

So if you’re providing IoT solutions, get ready to witness deeper market penetration and cause rippling disruptions across sectors.

Supercharge your online campaigns by asking questions like:

  • How can we create effective growth strategies for IoT penetration in a potential market?
  • How to forecast accurate budgets and design pricing models for customers?
  • How can we determine a suitable service model for selling IoT and connected solutions?
  • How to deploy virtual experience solutions for designing effective product demonstrations?
Once you’ve ticked off the above concerns, persuading customers to make a purchase becomes easier. Make the most of ROI-focused solutions and dedicated support from a team of growth experts with Lake B2B.

Gain Quick Access to Contacts of IoT Solution Seekers

Stop targeting the wrong customers. Create accurate personas for precision targeting

Take a peek into the type of customers you can target:

  • Database and contacts of leaders who aspire for smart buildings
  • Database and contacts of leaders who want IoT in Hospitality
  • Database and contacts of leaders who aspire to create autonomous mobility solutions
  • Database and contacts of leaders who want to build connected appliances
  • Database and contacts of leaders who want to create smart CPMG products
  • Database and contacts of leaders who want to build smart factories
  • Database and contacts of leaders looking to integrate facial recognition cameras
  • Database and contacts of leaders who want to create smart cities

With keen TAM analysis and actionable customer insights, we help you find qualified accounts that match your ideal customer profiles. From mapping IoT demand across sectors to designing virtual product experiences, get 360-degree marketing and sales support you need to grow bigger.

Sales & Marketing Strategies for IoT Companies

Understand potential threats, buying patterns, and customer sentiments to boost IoT selling

Every IoT buying process involves five to six stakeholders, who’re most likely skeptics. Add the confusing selling propositions and inability to demonstrate ROI to the process, and you’re in deep waters before even making a pitch. At such a stage, consensus creation becomes incredibly challenging.

This is where you’ll need to work on persuasion. Feed educational and compelling content to prospects for successful nurturing, and eventually, get a buy-in.

Seek our suite of data-enabled expertise like:

  • Account Based Marketing
  • Industry Customer Insights
  • Customer Understanding
  • Virtual Experience Solutions
  • Pricing Research
  • TAM Analysis
  • Brand Equity Research
  • Market Entry
  • Ideal Customer Profiling
  • Market Sizing
  • Usage and Attitude Survey
  • Needs Research
  • Opportunity Identification

Create Highly Influential Touchpoints for Top Spending IoT Buyers

  • Deploy actionable insights about customer spending patterns to predict the purchase process
  • Design creative product demonstrations and memorable virtual experiences for sales enablement
  • Predict and demonstrate ROIs for targeted accounts accurately to convince higher management

Better Patient Care


A lack of awareness is killing your lead pipeline. Now create top-performing resources to boost campaign efficiency.

Help Potential Buyers Fully Understand the IoT Revolution

  • Gain access to a repository of top-performing databases and best-fit accounts
  • Optimize campaigns for increased sales and revenue opportunities using account-based intelligence
  • Craft intent-rich marketing messages tailored to the industry-specific needs of the recipients
  • Nurture prospective buyers through personalized and educational marketing materials

Primary Sales Challenges IoT Companies are Facing Today

  • Lack of awareness about operating business model in conjunction with IoT
  • Slower adoption by industrial markets and large enterprises due to confusing IoT propositions
  • Having a highly complex and long buying cycle involving too many stakeholders
  • Effectively demonstrating the potential avenues of revenue to different stakeholders
  • Proving the IoT value proposition to prospective buyers when the benefit isn’t immediately clear
  • Successfully navigating the unpredictable and non-linear B2B purchase process
  • Innovating business models for selling IoT products and charging a fee for asset-as-a-service solutions

Ready to convert these challenges into growth opportunities?
Speak to our growth marketing and data experts.

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