Scale Your Business to the Next Level with Data Profiling

Yes, data is the fundamental cornerstone of your business but what beyond that. There are no two ways about this; data is must for any organization today, whether it's a multi-national enterprise or a start-up, it's the basic premise to get customer communications going.

Well you might say you have the best data repository, rolling out multichannel campaigns month on month that are giving you fair amount of leads, so why consider anything beyond data management?

While a healthy and active dataset can bring in remarkable campaign ROI; with data profiling you can be sure to multiply your results way ahead of your competitors.

What is Data Profiling?

Data Profiling is the process of adding value to your existing datasets with comprehensive; end-to-end data intelligence fields across each of your core business verticals. It covers essential customer insights including company history, business focus, key events, values, financial reports and a lot more. With this information, imagine what you as a marketer can do to strategize your multi-channel campaigns and add value to your customers as a true business partner for a mutual win-win.

The Importance of Data Profiling

One second or sometimes less is what a customer takes to make a purchase. In a hyper-competitive consumer-led era the more customer information the better it is, to garner a greater competitive advantage. It is quintessential to target customers with precisely what they need and just data can't get you there. What you need is intelligent data that can help you identify customer segments as per their demographic, behavioural and firmographic segments to retain and acquire high profile customers. At Lake B2B we can help you identify new customer traits & behaviour patterns and map the perfect new business markets that will help you grow your business ROI. Based on the customer profiling results, we can help you locate new customers and reach new business markets efficiently. Through effective customer profiling tools you can uncover purchase trends, business trends, and a lot more.

Our 3 Step Process for Data Profiling

1. Assess Data Quality

There's no way we can arrest the rapid data decay process, there's change in contact data every single hour and a qualitative assessment is the only way to address this. We have an automated process to regularly cleanse and identify your data quality to ensure that it's up to date, relevant, accurate, and most importantly actionable.

2. Enrich Data with Active Information

We cleanse and update your data repository with the right and valid information to ensure optimal multi-channel usage and results. We analyse the digital behaviour of your core customer profiles to help you craft powerful and highly personalized communications to influence with impact.

3. Analyse Data Structure

Once the structure is complete, we add intent insights to the customer profiles with a complete understanding of the comprehensive structure and other relationship indicators that adds more depth and more power to your customer and data profiles.


How Data Profiling helps you
with Measurable Results

Data Profiling


Let's admit it, we all love a personalized message and probably read that message when we see our name in there. And even if it's not an offering that we are directly considering to purchase, there's a high probability that we refer the company or the person who can take an immediate action on it. Personalization is one of the most impactful marketing strategies today, as it addresses you core pain points with solutions that can address it from a holistic perspective.

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