Get actionable insights about your ideal industrial and manufacturing customers.

Reduce Lead Redundancy & 3X Conversions Among Manufacturing Product Seekers

Drive high-value

Drive high-value conversions with our manufacturing industry customer contact data.

Find The Best Customers Who Need Your Manufacturing Capabilities

Make a start by asking our data experts:
  • How can we target customers looking for specific industrial design solutions?
  • How can we start predicting how customers will evaluate manufacturers?
  • How can we map specific customer needs with their OEM strategy?

This is what some of our manufacturing customers are asking our data experts. Connect with us if you have any specific question on your ideal manufacturing customer profiles.

Reach out to decision makers who choose manufacturing suppliers.

Explore Popular Manufacturing Industry’s Customer Contacts

Some of our popular custom contacts that you can leverage:

  • Contacts of decision makers with design engineering and product needs
  • Contacts of procurement managers who need manufacturing suppliers
  • Contacts of those searching for machines and components for packaging
  • Contacts of customers requiring internal and external process controls
  • Contacts researching on fabrication equipment that enableoutcomes
  • Contacts of MRO managers who require manufacturing consulting
  • Contacts of manufacturing R&D teams who require your expertise

We can create many more segments tailored to serve your specific needs. Segment your target audience and find every customer who wants to build machines that turn designs into physical productswhich you can manufacture.

Find accurate and verified list of contacts with in-depth details spanning 110+ information categories on your top manufacturing customers. Learn how your engineering and manufacturing customers are researching online and investing in technology procurements and what ERPs they use.

Speak to our B2B contact and target customers in your market who are looking for solutions that you manufacture.

Talk to our experts to create your most profitable manufacturing customer type or market segment. Find out who in your total reachable audience is your best customer.

Now, you can easily connect with those who have strategic objective to save costs or launch innovative products that can be manufactured by you. Understand what motivates them to take manufacturing related conversations to the next level and decode buying signals from your manufacturing customers.

Choose from a wide range of demographic information to make your manufacturing customers’ target lists more precise:

  • First name
  • Full Names
  • Company Name
  • Email Address
  • Fax Number
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Company Website
  • Employee Size
  • Geographical Location
  • Job Title
  • Phone Number
  • SIC & NAICS Codes
  • Industry
  • Revenue Size

Formulate strategic marketing plans and launch campaigns that help you get more leads and close awesome deals.

Drive high-value conversions with our manufacturing industry customer contact data.

Find The Best Customers Who Need Your Manufacturing Capabilities

Know What You Can Do With Our Human Verified Customer Support & Intelligence

  • Targeted Inbound marketing
  • Specialized Content Promotion
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Surveys
  • Multi-channel communication
  • Online Webinars
  • Targeted Email Campaigns
  • Social Media Promotions

Try our specialized data support for determining how your market is investigating and researching for solutions. Before your target segment customers make their purchase decisions, we can now decode their buying patterns and predict their next move to partner with manufacturers.

Become a part of your customers’ buying decision journey.

Know How You Can Make Your Manufacturing Customers Feel Awesome

Your customers are more than data!
Show customers that you are aware of their challenges. Know where they exist and show up with the right fit solutions to accelerate their manufacturing related decisions.

Find out how you can build the best sales funnels with accurate decision maker data.

Know if you are doing it right.

Seek support for:

  • Product Quality Research
  • Manufacturing Differentiation Study
  • New Product Development Product Survey
  • Manufacturing Customer Market Segmentation
  • Channel Research To Reach Industrial Customers
  • Concept Testing & Prototype Research
  • Manufacturing Based Marketing
  • Manufacturing Opportunities Research

Unexplored Manufacturing Prospects Are Waiting To Be Tapped!

Manufacturing Prospects
Power Of Accurate Contacts

Harness The Power Of Accurate Contacts To Drive Higher Manufacturing Project Conversions

Online Behavior

Segment Your Most Prospective Manufacturing Customers By Online Behavior and Intent

Target Food

Target Manufacturing Customers With Hyper-Personalized Messages

Get Free Sample
This is how we convert the most prospective customers with your unique manufacturing capabilities.

Don’t Just Stop At Manufacturing Customer Decision Maker Contact Data

Uncover food and beverage industry

Uncover manufacturing industry customers’ buying behavior to serve contextual solutions.

researching trends

Identify the researching trends of manufacturing solution seekers and buying teams.

Forecast food

Forecast manufacturing industry customer needs and challenges to align your pitch and strategy.

Optimize proposals

Optimize proposals, pitches and solution briefs based on the concerns of manufacturing customers.

Manufacturing Industry Challenges

Manufacturing Industry Challenges That Require Your Attention

  • The lack of skilled workers to manufacture innovative products on time.
  • The issues related to manual handling and safety of on-floor staff.
  • The use of Internet of Things (IoT) that’s seeks more data sources from manufacturing.
  • The costs involved in starting up of a new project to build a new production line to customers.
  • The complex supply chain that impacts profit margins of manufactured equipment customers.
  • The constantly changing product features that the customer wants to include within a fixed price.

Want to convert these challenges into opportunities?
Speak to our growth marketing and data experts.

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