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Customers are more than just data.

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To win over their trust and confidence your data sources are most critical.

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Before reaching out to your prospects, let's bring the focus back on the ethics behind building your prospective sales pipeline.

Unparalleled Data Hygiene Unmatched Customer Satisfaction

Convert More Leads Into Customers With Clean Data.

Why the biggest global fortune 500 enterprises, research firms and SMBs across industries rely onLake B2B’s clean data sources.

  • We are an 1800 member team + data compiler company, well-versed with international laws.
  • About 800 people are dedicated towards continuous data collection and verification processes.
  • We reach customers with our extensive network of tradeshow organizers and content creators.
  • Constantly creating insightful and industry or professionally beneficial insights for subscribers.
  • Always seeking customer consent to send them follow-ups being fully aware of their interests.
Data Hygiene

Overview Of Our Data Compilation Process:

7-Steps To Get You Clean Data That Guarantees Greater Customer Confidence

Discover how we brew your clean data mining on-demand

Bring us any requirement, any CRM, any research. We make it possible with the tested and perfected Lake B2B data compilation process.

Data Compilation Process

Data is collected from various trusted sources, including business card collections at conferences and tradeshows. Our card collectors attend over 9,000 events a year globally.

Some of our primary data collection sources:

  • Tradeshows, events and conferences
  • Government records and listings
  • Tradeshow Attendee Lists
  • Postal Service Information (NCOA)
  • Public Record Information
  • Annual reports, SEC Filings and public filings
  • Business and trade magazine subscriptions
  • B2B Directory Partnerships
  • Free Magazines/Newspaper Subscription Offers
  • Business Trade magazine subscription Offers
  • 9,000+ Telephone and online Directories and Yellow pages

Secondary data collection sources:

  • Websites and Blogs
  • Permission passed email campaigns
  • Web Based Registrations / Offers
  • TV, Radio and Print Advertising
  • Surveys and feedback forms
  • Phone surveys with every business
  • Point of sale

Making sales and marketing reps fall in love with campaign ready data

The collected data is sent to our 800 seat research team to append the missing information and add intelligence to the data file via web research. The team also verifies the information on the file using proven processes and methodologies.

Leaving nothing to chance with human verified data process

The data is then sent to our 700 seat tele-calling facility to validate the information. The team verifies the information captured and also validates the contacts via tele-surveys and white paper download programs.

Clean up your mailing lists by adding automated dedupe filter out duplicate contacts

NCOA, Mortis suppression, Spam traps /honeypots, complainers, and opt-outs etc. are aggregated into a suppression file and de-duped.

Email address verification – is facilitated across different stages

  • Simple SMTP ping test
  • Email testing using partner tools such as BriteVerify, Xverify.
  • ImpressionWise, Freshaddress, DataValidation, Informatica, etc.
  • Actual email campaign is sent out to remove the bounces and opt-outs are added back to suppression file

Be in-step with the social behaviour displayed by your prospects

We give you a dedicated team only for social and web validation (automated tools and a large team that does the tasks manually). These folks are dedicated to validate the records socially and also add the social media links to the file as an increment.

Well informed prospects to your most promising customers

We send our permission pass mailer to all the contacts stating their contact information has been added to our data file and we give them 4 effective ways to opt-out and all the opt-outs are removed within 48 hours. The process used here depends on the region the contacts are from as we use specific process for different regions across the globe as per the local and international anti-spam acts and DMA guidelines.

Visibility Over Chaos

The Choice is Yours

  • We send out over 30MN emails a month for verification
  • The team follows a multi-stepped verification process
  • Emails refreshed every 45 days against the industry standard
  • Our analysts make over 1.8MM calls a month to update insights
  • We only include the records that have been validated in the last 120 days

What's making marketers fall in love with our data brews?

Because we brew clean data manually and complement it further with our algorithms to give real-time insights on your top leads. Before making their next move on paid traffic, here is a hybrid model that our experts suggest to sales and marketing leaders with our clean data mining capabilities.

Meet the winning combination: Interested Lead Data + Targeted Advertising & Marketing Campaigns

Here's how you can optimize campaign performance by 200% with our automated and quick to set up data for your Advertising and marketing.

All that we ask is to test the waters with the qualified and vetted data of your total addressable market and the most prospective leads. Instead of investing in irrelevant paid traffic blindly, it pays to qualify leads with a proven data validation funnel.

Find out if your current lead data is valid or outdated. Leverage the power of our real-time data validation by Lake B2B.

Weed out the following inconsistencies:

  • Incomplete records
  • Duplicates
  • Personal emails (gmail, yahoo)
  • Generic emails (like info@)
  • Invalid postal addresses
  • Invalid phone number formats
  • Potential spam traps
  • Bogus data

The above is an on-going process; the teams here are dedicated to do this job day-in and day-out in 3 different shifts covering the various time zones of the globe. Our emails are validated between every 45 – 60 days and the contacts are either tele validated, web validated between 90 and 120 days.

The files that move faster are validated more frequently and we have a specific algorithm to ensure all the contacts are touched within a specific time frame giving us the highest deliverable data set. With all these efforts going into the data file(s), we consider a record marketable only if it has been validated in the last 120 days. Records that are not validated in the last 120 days simply don’t make it to output on any project right from the counts stage.

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