Spearhead New Medical Equipment Deployment in Hospitals.

Double the Outreach into VAC teams in the Healthcare Industry!

Optimize efficiency by transcending Evaluation Criteria and delivering the ‘Better Patient Care’ Promise via your Equipment!


Captivate Medical Device Buyers with a Strong Digital Stance.

Market Medical Devices to Hospitals with Cross-Channel Outreach!


Greet Digital Visitors with Sharp Campaigns.

Cross-Channel Engagement Typology

Drive a 360-degree Value Analysis Committee (VAC) connect with digital cross-channel campaigning.

Run Cookie Based Campaigns to potential Decision makers via Targeted Email and multi-channel target programs

Twice a week Inbound marketing using Blogs, with end CTA to download a Whitepaper with more in-depth analysis.


Healthcare is socially active.

Use your online presence to execute Outbound Marketing

Execute Virtual Events and Webinars targeting VAC committee members

Host disease prevention seminars, sponsor investigator initiated studies, put together an advisory committee with a disease remedy focus, start up an educational program, have your most prominent medical advisors lecture online at med schools.

Search Engine Optimization & Social media marketing


Woo your biggest Fans

Re-strategize Website Development And Branding.

Do more than Feature Selling. Speak in terms of Value!

Bring Strong Corporate Branding into focus. Define your Companies Purpose.

Marketing and Sales Medley
  • Marketing should construct their own P&L, drive Granular Growth Analysis
  • Combine Quantification of Inbound Marketing Metrics with Customer Lifetime Value Calculations, to get Leadership buy-in. Dive into Qualitative Tracking too.
  • Get an insightful CRM system, to synchronize Sales & Marketing workflows.
Customer Service
All-Important Customer Service
  • Serve high-volume Distributors with ERP Integrations, Customer Service expertise and Key Account Manager deployments.
  • Put together and communicate your Service Portfolios, for each of your Brands.
  • Align Customer Service to Upsell and Cross-Sell.s

Establish strong rapport with Hospital Value Analysis Committees (VACs)

Physicians and Administrative Personnel et al.

Did you know new Technology is triggered by Physician interest? Get the inner workings of Medical Device Selection spot-on!

Magnify your Device Reach by 2X
  • Connect with wide-ranging Hospital Equipment Buyers and Technology Assessment Teams.
  • Hyper-target CABG Surgeons, Orthopedics, Radiology Experts etc.
  • Influence Decision makers like Pain ManagementExperts (Critical Wound Care Specialists and Critical Nurse Specialists etc.)
  • Broaden reach to Influencers like Nurses, Investors, Physicians in the Total Addressable Market
  • Account Based Marketing to Target Accounts and Hospitals and VAC Committees in Hospitals
Sweep the Board
  • Ace negotiations with formal and informal presentation of data and product value proposition.
  • Grab Opportunities for formal and informal dialogue with VAC members.
Think like a VAC!
  • Understand the Clinician and Admin-led Composition of a VAC Membership.
Tap into Metrics used by VACs for Decision Making
  • Support evidence-based tech evaluations, comparative assessments, supplemental data review, regulatory clearance etc.
  • Maximize your product value to meets clinical, patient, process cost outcomes.

64% of Hospitals are using Value-analysis Teams to evaluate and select Physician Preference Items (PPIs) and other Medical Equipment suppliers.

Optimize the Grand Total for You
and the Hospital System

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