Access consent-based SQLs and chief accounts across the automotive value chain.

Gain Deep Market Insights & Close Automotive Industry Deals 2x Faster


Bring greater synergy between your automotive value offerings and key distribution channels.

Optimize Funnel Operations Using Intent-Rich Directory of Leading Automotive Players & Business Leads

Buying Intent

The global automotive industry is leapfrogging year by year. As new-age innovations, technology, and operating models keep emerging on the scene, sustainable growth in the sector is also taking on newer forms of meaning.

To garner greater returns on all your marketing exercises and sales investments, therefore, you need a data-backed, real-time intelligence mechanism in place.

So get the ball rolling by asking questions like:

  • How can I quickly identify the megatrends shaping my TAM?
  • Can I access exclusive insights on a specific segment?
  • Which are the upcoming market developments I should look out for?
  • Which distribution channels do hold the most potential for my product?
  • How can I build lasting automotive partnerships?
  • Can I segregate SQLs based on specific criteria?
With strategic guidance from our automotive growth experts, many auto brands have already shaped and positioned themselves up for successful outcomes. Are you too looking for a foolproof, works-every-single-time funnel process? Our industry specialists can come to your rescue.

Directly Engage In-Demand Automotive Leads Within Your TAM and Close Markets

Empowering automotive distribution channels is now easier than ever. Grab the attention of every stakeholder in the automotive value chain, and send targeted marketing messages to entities such as:

  • Retailers
  • Component manufacturers
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)  
  • Component suppliers
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Auto accessories manufacturers
  • Logistics provider
  • Mechanics

These are only some of the many players in the sector. As EV penetration gains prominence and vehicles become “services”, you need to remain on your toes for bagging the right business opportunities. That means circling on your target groups faster, and with more precision!

To help you gain a precise, high-level understanding of your TAM, you’ll need a data partner like Lake B2B. Leverage our suite of marketing intelligence services to locate, capture, and convert leads in no time.

Incisive Value Chain Analysis for Executing Successful Product Pull Marketing

Globally, the automotive sector has always been susceptible to foreign agents of change. Be it political, economic, environmental, or other factors –multiple drivers are changing, redefining, and shaping the industry today.

As such, aligning product development to match your core demographic’s expectations has become particularly critical today. With our decades-old expertise, you can perform a detailed analysis of your TAM to study the demand dynamics and key trends across your desired distribution channels.

Now leverage critical customer insights and information like:

  • Full Name
  • Company
  • First Name
  • State
  • Country
  • NAICS Codes
  • Contact Title
  • Web Address
  • Phone Number
  • FAX Number
  • Geographical Location
  • LinkedIn Address
  • ZIP Code
  • Employee Size

We can fuel your campaign efficiency using our one-of-a-kind supply chain management solutions and robust, real-time campaign tracking capabilities.

What’s more exciting is our score of omnichannel marketing services, exclusively designed to deliver unparalleled metrics. From face-to-face touchpoints to mobile-enabled platforms and social media channels, we can raise your brand image favorably, and in record time.

Drive Greater Profit Margins Using Accurate & Timely Market Opportunity Assessment

With e-commerce slowly taking a large chunk of the B2B automobile sector, going digital is your one-way solution to increase revenue pools. So, once you’ve mapped the entire segment, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty of automotive marketing.

Now drive profitable outcomes for your auto brand using our wide range of digital competencies like:

  • Capture a large customer base within your TAM using segmented, opt-in prospect information.
  • Fuel efficiency of social and email campaigns using real-time performance tracking services.
  • Predict the demand dynamics and buying patterns within your niche segment.
  • Source a team of top-notch marketers to design and craft cross-channel marketing strategies.
  • Curate immersive, futuristic brand demonstrations for important clients using on-demand AR and VR tech.

Better Patient Care

  • Improve audience engagement manifold with personalized chat-bots, surveys, polls, and more.
  • Create highly attractive value propositions for the successful expansion of offerings and overall portfolio.

This is only a taste of the services we offer. If you’re looking for cost-effective yet immensely efficient tools and solutions for dramatic growth, we’re a click away. Gain deeper market insights, design impactful outreach programs, and ultimately gain buy-ins successfully.


Keep an eye out for key risks and challenges affecting your value chain operations.

Leverage In-Depth TAM Intelligence to Better Manage Your Trading Partnerships and Boost Customer Satisfaction

For the longest time, external factors like political maneuvering, environmental concerns, shifting mobility perceptions, tariffs, etc., have driven the demand cycles and consumer expectations in the B2B automotive market.

To mitigate such predictable yet unavoidable risks successfully, therefore, you’ll need to gain an early sight of them and create an timely action plan.

Through our rigorous, in-depth research capabilities, you can gain a 360-degree understanding of the forces disrupting your TAM and take away key findings. Being aware of the threats and growth opportunities at hand can help you effectively prioritize operations and approach any prospective opportunity carefully.

With Lake B2B as your trusted data partner, now captivate customers across your niche product segment.

Now reimagine and expand your service models by digging deeper into the automotive value chain.

Execute the “Just-In-Time” Manufacturing Model Successfully, and at Speed

Acute fragmentation across the component supply chain, even the aftermarket, has always been a sales killer for B2B auto brands. However, with “Just-In-Time” manufacturing, there’s scope for bettering the operations through and through while streamlining the distribution of critical auto parts.

Now achieve enhanced performance across all your product lines using the following services:

  • Predictive analytics to predict and understand future consumer demands for seamless inventory management
  • Dedicated marketing managers to continuously track and customize any value offering in real-time
  • A single growth nurturing platform for tapping into the right clusters of brands and decision-makers

Don’t stop at just demographic information and leads tracking; give your sales funnel the right data juice and build a bigger audience effortlessly.

Create Immersive, Unforgettable Customer Experiences at Every Touchpoint


Power Of Accurate

Leverage a sales-ready, intent-rich repository of interested industry contacts for increased conversions

Online Behavior

Segregate automotive accounts based on set criteria for smarter TAM segmentation and enhanced campaign ROIs

Hyper-Personalized Messages

Send targeted, personalized messages to SQLs only for effective prospecting and cross-channel automotive selling

Only pursue value chain opportunities that are guaranteed to yield excellent results.

Manual Automotive Processes Are a Big Time-Suck. Instead, Use Our Well-Designed Funnel Strategies to Book Better Profits.

 customers’buying behavior

Leverage our proven research competencies to glean exclusive insights into changing automotive trends.

staffing & recruitment needs

Filter down key insights to conceptualize a failproof, overall strategy for optimizing the automotive value chain.

Build a solid brand

Accelerate revenue generation by delivering on your customer’s value perception and exclusive demands.

Optimize proposals

Harness data-enabled services and platforms to position your brand at the center of automotive activities.

Healthcare Industry Bottlenecks

Key Challenges in the Automotive Industry That Demand Your Attention

  • Delayed automobile manufacturing due to lagging supply chain movements
  • Poor internal and external routing of critical automotive components
  • Sensitivity to economic, political, environmental, and other external factors
  • Ongoing disruption of buying trends as mobility preferences keep changing
  • Inefficient quality of manufacturing causing higher product recalls
  • Increased convergence of high tech and automotive supply chains as demand for “connected car” rise
  • High fixed and variable costs throughout the automotive value chain without proper control
  • Lower profit margins due to a lack of price visibility in the supply chain

Looking for optimal solutions to these challenges?
Speak to our growth marketing and data experts.

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