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Amplify your Business Returns with Email Appending Services

Lake B2B's Email Append Service certainly opens new channels of communication for marketers. Updated and fresh email lists allow you to easily connect with your targeted audience and land new business opportunities. If you are still using outdated customer data we are here to help you clean up your database with our Email Appending Services.

In today’s competitive market businesses often communicate with customers about new products and services through email. Having accurate customer information is vital to ensure successful deliverability and high click-through rates. With our E-appending expertise, we clean up your existing data through various validation methods. Our skilled team of experts gather data including first name, last name, and postal address, and match it against a vendor database to identify e-mail addresses.

We at Lake B2B believe that when you have missing or incorrect email addresses in your database it significantly reduces the success of email campaigns. Having clean and up-to-date information is the best way to reach the right person at the right time. This is why we are here to help you with B2B Email Appending Services as a means of communication that is cost-effective.

What does B2B Email Append Services Include?

At Lake B2B we provide active email addresses and phone numbers of targeted customers to help you reach out to them effortlessly. This not only drives customer acquisition and retention but it also maximizes your results and saves valuable time.

Our B2B Email Appending Service will ensure accurate and clean email addresses to improve your marketing campaigns. You can maintain your data free of outdated records and minimize email bounce rates. With minimized bounce rates, you are less likely to follow non-responsive leads.

Why is Lake B2B the best provider for Email Appending Services in the market?

Lake B2B has been in the database marketing industry for over 16 years creating a niche in the global market with our Business Email Appending Services. Our experienced team ensures quality matches, clean data, opt-in-only addresses, and guaranteed delivery.

We won’t waste your time with outdated data and only append reliable email addresses to your database. We provide email addresses you can rely on for successful email campaigns. The Lake B2B team will guide you through all marketing initiatives and help select the right marketing service for your business.

Quality Matches

Quality Matches

Match your list against our master database


We clean your matches and remove incorrect, duplicate data


Send only opt-in and add or append missing email addresses


Guaranteed high deliverable rate

What are the benefits of using Lake B2B's Email Address Appending Services?

Lake B2B has been in the database marketing industry for over 16 years and has created a niche in the global market with our B2B Email Append Service. This will further save you money and also reduce direct mail expenditures.

In addition, we only append reliable email addresses to your database. Therefore, we help you get your messages delivered to the right customers. We have an experienced team who will guide you in all your marketing initiatives and also in selecting the right marketing service for your business. Eventually, our email appending service will also improve conversion rates and increase ROI.

Here are some of the benefits of using our business email append services:

  • Connect with potential prospects faster than ever
  • Build relationships with existing and potential prospects
  • Accurate opt-in email addresses for faster conversions
  • Guaranteed top quality data
  • Higher conversions from your campaigns and maximized ROI
  • Cost Effective - You only pay for the successfully appended email addresses
  • Increased Customer Retention
  • Expanded Market Reach
  • Improved Business Communications
Benefits of Email Appending Services
Email Data Appending Process

Lake B2B Email Data Appending Processes to Scale Your Growth

At Lake B2B we have made it simple for marketers to connect with their target audience with our Email List Data Appending Service. With appended data, you can run campaigns in an organized yet simple manner without worrying about outdated information. Directly contact your key prospect about your services to boost ROI on your next campaign.
Data Identification

Data Identification

First, we identify your existing data. Customer data like first name, last name, company name, phone numbers, and postal addresses are sent to us for review.
Data Enhancing

Data Enhancing

We match contact details against our master database for appending.
Data Verification

Data Verification

We verify and validate the data to remove errors and inconsistencies. Next, we update the data with accurate information.
Opt-in emails are sent

Opt-in emails are sent

Time to connect with potential customers! Next send a Welcome Opt-In Email to begin your next campaign.
Appended Data is delivered

Appended Data is delivered

You get what you pay for. We only bill you for deliverable email addresses in your file.
We receive clients' databases. Match it against our in-house opt-in emails. We add updated email addresses to your existing list. Recipients who opted out and also bounced emails are excluded. A welcome email is sent to customers' email addresses to check the deliverability rate. Finally, the appended database is sent to your email address to be downloaded

Various types of Email Appending Services Lake B2B offers

Lake B2B offers comprehensive Email Address Appending Services to improve the quality of your already existing data. We offer the following services below.

Business Email Appending

Business Email Appending

We add titles, company names, individual names, and addresses to determine email addresses for your customers. With that data, we append them to your current business contact list.
Consumer Email Appending Service

Consumer Email Appending Service

We will successfully connect you with your target audience which will drive more online revenue. We also add guaranteed deliverable email addresses to your postal records. In fact, our E-Appending Service also helps your email campaigns reach the right people at the right time.
Reverse Email Appending Service

Reverse Email Appending Service

We can use the email address of your customers to find their names and postal address by matching it against our master database.
B2B Email Appending Service to improve conversion rate

Use B2B Email Appending Service to improve conversion rate

Lake B2B understands the importance of individuals giving permission to receive emails. We believe providing only opt-in contacts ensures successful results. Your target audience will want to hear about your services resulting in a higher click through and conversion rate. Using our service will give you an authentic email database saving time and effort by minimizing bounce rates. We also provide accurate and active email addresses of decision-makers and executives of businesses across the world at the most competitive prices. As a result, we make sure to deliver our customer's appended database within the assured deadline.
Best Data Append Service

With the best Data Append Service explore opportunities across countries

Reaching your target audience in today's highly competitive market is not an easy task. Having access to accurate data is critical to avoid non-responsive leads. Hence, we at Lake B2B believe that you need to use our email appending service to help you reach customers across the world. With our Email Appended Database you can roll out marketing campaigns to customers in the US, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, and many more countries. You can strengthen your business relationship and expand your customer network by opting for Lake B2B's email appending service.
Boost your ROI using Email Appending

Grow your business and boost your ROI using Email Appending

We at Lake B2B certainly believe that using our email appending service can enhance the size of your targeted email list. In truth, e-appending services can turn your data into a revenue-generating machine. It can boost your ROI through email marketing, telemarketing, and direct marketing campaigns. Moreover, if you are still using your old customers' database it's about time you try our Business Email Append Services and reap benefits. To put it simply, having accurate potential customer data is critical for your next marketing campaign so partner with Lake B2B and see your business grow like never before.

Lake B2B’s Email Appending is Awesome

"I was skeptical about email appending at first. I had heard it doesn’t work at first but the people at Lake B2B proved me wrong. Their appending services saved me so much time and helped significantly increase our deliverability rate increase. "

Steve ChungVP, Marketing & Strategy

Now we know why Email Enrichment matters

"We were never too keen on email enrichment, Lake B2B offered this as a complimentary service so that we look beyond costs and we were shocked to see the results with just enrichment alone. Since then we have enriched each of our in-house data sets in batches and we are so thankful to Lake B2B for pushing us to run this exercise."

Michael WestonSales & Marketing Head

Enrichment got us real results

"Lake B2B’s data enrichment services are the best. We did a lot of research and were assured after we experienced the results of our very first enrichment exercise. With Lake B2B we have been able to connect with some of our ideal target companies and this was no way possible without a good contact list."

Lisa HaydenDirector, Strategy and Demand Generation

Lake B2B’s Email Enrichment is the Best

"Very frankly we saw email enrichment as an additional expense and had not invested in this ever before. We kept procuring more data from different vendors but did nothing to maintain our in-house repository until we came across Lake B2B’s data enhancement services. It’s simply amazing; we experienced truly remarkable results with our email marketing post the enrichment exercise."

Carie JoelSales & Marketing Officer

We are repeat customers for 8 years

"What began as a one-time list request has continued for 8 years now. From end-to-end data management, data cleansing, verification, data enrichment to multi-channel campaigns, we’ve used their services and can’t endorse it enough. Their quality is simply matchless."

Jennifer WilliamsVP – Business Development


At Lake B2B we believe you should use email appended data for all your B2B marketing campaigns, to reach out to customers and build business relations, expand the business, generate qualified sales leads that convert, and much more.

Customers send their existing customers' data to us. We then match it against our permission passed data and then send an email to the customer's email address. We then add verified and updated email addresses to your list. It is then sent to customers in an easy-to-download format.

At Lake B2B we offer the best Email Appending Service at the most cost-effective price. However, the cost depends on the quantity of data that is provided.

At Lake B2B we provide customized Email Appending Service as per your business requirement and budget. You can share your requirement and we will append the email list as per your specific requirement.

Our teams at Lake B2B match the appended addresses with the name and phone number, physical address. Having newly appended addresses we then send messages to make sure it has reached the right address.

At Lake B2B we send a confirmation to the new contacts in the list to make sure the existing email ids are active.

It entirely depends on the number of records that need to be appended and the number of records for which we find matches.

Lake B2B is the best place for Email Appending Service. We are considered pioneers in offering appending services at the most affordable prices. You can visit our website: for more details.
Grow your ROI with result-focused Global B2B Contact Data

Grow your ROI
with result-focused
Global B2B Contact Data

Choose data as per your specific criteria

Choose Industry

Choose Industry

Select Job Title

Select Job Title

Choose Location

Choose Location

Pick Employee Size

Pick Employee Size

Pick Revenue Size

Pick Revenue Size

“No matter how sophisticated your data management and analysis process may be, there’s always room for improvement. Lake B2B’s data appending services helped us fill any gaps in our marketing data to improve the accuracy of our marketing efforts. This process can be challenging, so it’s important to understand the various hurdles you may encounter. However, Lake B2B's team of data experts made the entire process seem effortless."

-Lynne A,

Marketing Ops Manager

“As the amount of data continues to grow, so does the need for companies to find efficient and accurate ways to append or attach new data to their existing information. Partnering with Lake B2B teams we were able to overcome the challenge of making sure that the new data is compatible with the rest of the information in our database. Another challenge of ensuring that all of our data is linked together properly so that it can be accessed and analyzed as needed – was also addressed efficiently”

-Julio R,

Email Marketing Manager

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