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Identify, Engage and Convert Your List Of Top Technology Adopters With Us

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Decode Your Customers’ Buying Intent

Choose holistic tech adopters lead data with our proven B2B prospect list.

Find Your Technology Buyers And Decision Makers In Our List

Knowing your technology customer base inside-out is imperative to building a robust conversion funnel. Know their purchase habits, their particular pain points, and who are actively seeking your products or services – all of these are the pillars of your marketing success.

The first step – Asking the most critical questions to determine your target audience:

  • Who is purchasing IT services and solutions?
  • How can I target customers looking for network security, server virtualizations, cloud backup implements, and other IT offerings?
  • How can I separate the hottest leads from the cold ones searching for managed workstations and workstation backups?
  • How to narrow down on IT procurement professionals? Which regions are they located in?
  • What is my product or solution’s TAM?
Want to reach a particular audience group?

TConnect with our Technology Industry growth marketing experts and expedite your business growth. Use our database and engage with your top technology leads.

Uncover the TAM insights you need.

Reach Out To Your Entire Audience Of Tech Adopters And Influencers

Not taking the right action can easily let quality customers fall through your sales funnel. Get verified and business-ready technology contacts from our database, such as:

  • Webmasters
  • DevOps Managers
  • Front End Developers
  • Cloud Computing Engineers
  • Cyber Security Specialists
  • Database Administrators
  • CIOs (Chief Information Officers)
  • CSOs (Chief Strategy Officers)
  • CTOs (Chief Technology Officers)
  • System Architects
  • CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers)
  • IT Procurement Managers

B2B sales cycles amidst the technology industry are glacial, to say the least. Customer journeys are tedious, and longer sales pipelines are often the norm. Naturally, you may end up feeling like you’re digging for gold that you simply cannot find.

However, Lake B2B’s responsive and updated database is what changes things around. With pre-validated and in-depth customer information, you surpass intermediaries and engage prospects directly, close deals faster and enjoy blazing-fast conversions.

Segment Your Tech Buyers Seamlessly By Evaluating Your TAM Nurturing Them

Conquer IT-related and ancillary verticals through our all-encompassing database.

Connect with relevant consumers like these who actively purchase IT services/products for their enterprises.

Moreover, you can reach out to our marketing experts as well. They will procure the required information to shed light on buyers of AI, software, automation, cloud and more.

According to your business requirements, you can access data fields such as:

  • First name
  • Full Names
  • Company Name
  • Email Address
  • Fax Number
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Company Website
  • Employee Size
  • Geographical Location
  • Job Title
  • Phone Number
  • SIC & NAICS Codes
  • Industry
  • Revenue Size

There are 110+ Data fields that you can access and build more insights over and above your CRM data with our guaranteed data refresh of your top leads.

You are your company’s decision-maker, but quality data is the one who decides whether your business burns to the ground or soars high like an eagle. Employ our results-driven directory and achieve lucrative ROIs through shorter turnarounds.

Talk To Our Technology Customer Demand Generation Experts

In a fast-paced industry like Technology, the better your relationships, the faster your flourish.
  • Connect with IT strategy-seekers and tech transformers from diverse industries
  • Get affluent online demographics and behavior to decode buyer intent and run personalized campaigns successfully.
  • Market your disaster recovery planning, managed workstations, network designing, and other services based on targeted prospect persona.
  • Witness active customer engagement, be it for omni-channel or multichannel marketing campaigns.
  • Find your best-suited audiences faster and build long-lasting relationships by becoming a tech solution architect.
Talk To Our Staffing & Recruitment Industry Growth Marketing Experts

In an era where advertisements and promotions simply aren’t enough, we provide you with the exact weaponry to go the distance. The tech sector is no joke; thousands are constantly trying to reach their customers. Pry the IT industry’s market with LakeB2B’s vetted and insight-rich repository to navigate your way towards the finish line before anyone else can.


Become a technology marketing champion in your organization.

Build A Personalized Sales Funnel For Your Technology Use Cases & Demos

Start by screening out the most lucrative markets for your IT offerings.

Incorporate the best-of-breed insights to engage the right leads at the right time, consistently and establish a reliable and future-proof brand image that makes you the IT industry’s go-to expert.

Expedite IT Sales for Profitable Margins

Pick apart every facet of your B2B campaign goal through our enriched data. Here’s what you can do with LakeB2B’s expertise:

  • Identify customer behavior and market accordingly
  • Get accurate TAM metrics for efficient campaigns
  • Connect with C-Suite professionals actively buying IT products
  • In-depth PEST analysis for improved business decisions
  • Segment markets seamlessly
  • Reach more niche buyers looking for email marketing services, like design templates, email content, analyzing campaign results, etc.
  • Re-engage lukewarm prospects and elevate sales volume
  • Discover new market opportunities and verticals to target

Lake B2B’s data experts ensure that you solely rely on credible and tangible client insights never to miss a marketing opportunity. Leverage our database and get all your needs catered to under a single shed.

Stimulate Conversations Your Prospects Crave

Prospects Crave

Go Beyond Customer Acquisitions and Watch Prospects Choose You Over and Over Again.

Supply appropriate solutions by learning about the tech industry consumers’ purchasing behavior and specific tech install intent.

Stay updated with the latest trends and develop solutions that current and upcoming tech buyers needs.

Identify and solve your tech leads’ obstacles before your fellow playmakers and create a formidable brand image.

Maximize your revenue through better-crafted campaign promotions, pitches, outreach emails, solution messages, etc.

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Staffing & Recruiting Industry Challenges That Require Your Attention

Help Your Tech Audience Address and Tackle Prominent Challenges

  • Adjusting to evolving IT-buyer patterns
  • Reaching niche audience groups purchasing specific IT services
  • Converting leads faster
  • Catering to the new-gen IT consumers
  • Connecting with C-level professionals who need IT solutions for their organizations
  • Not knowing the exact buying behavior of diverse tech audiences
  • Achieving profitable ROI numbers on marketing investments
  • Tackling longer customer journeys
  • Establishing an ideal lead persona

Wondering how to overcoming your technology adopter’s challenges?
Leverage business-ready and in-depth data to invest your resources the right way.

“Lake B2B’s email lists provide a great way to expand our reach Psychologists markets with relevant marketing materials. With their relatively exhaustive lists, we not only had a large population to market to, but also got the opportunity to work with an extremely engaged group. In addition to targeting psychologists with the marketing message, Lake B2B’s email lists enabled us to track the success of campaigns and measure the return on investment – thereby achieving our marketing goals and aspirations.”

-Rebecca Davis

Key Accounts

“When looking to market to a specific group of Psychologist professionals, email lists from Lake B2B proved to be an effective and viable option to reach psychologists. Also, Lake B2Bs growth marketers gathering data on who is most likely to respond to our offer and targeted them with relevant content, which opened the markets for a wide array of Psychologist profiles.”

–Maya Scott

Head Sales & Marketing

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