Find database and contacts of industry leaders who need managed IT services and solutions

Lead Generation for Managed IT Services

Healthcare Industry

Despite the explosive growth of the service providers industry, MSPs still have a long way to go. But if you’re looking to reach MRR goals and create higher income faster, strategic marketing tactics are the key.

Human Verified Intelligence for Sustained Revenue Growth

Buying Intent

Start scaling by asking questions like:

  • How can we accurately segregate accounts based on factors like service needs, technology integration, IT budget, among others?
  • How can we forecast changing technology requirements for both customers and prospective accounts?
  • How can we build a highly effective pricing model depending on clients’ service needs?
  • How to successfully track and adapt to the latest advancements and trends in the technology market?
Ready to move past stagnant revenue metrics? You’re in the right place.

Gain Access to the Most In-Demand Contacts Looking for MSPs

Target audience by location, geographical region, types of service required, or IT budget.

Quickly bring a pool of new clientele on board, such as:

  • Get database and contacts of Industry leaders who need IT Services
  • Get Database and Contacts of Industry leaders responsible for backup
  • Get database and contacts of Industry leaders who need data security
  • Get database and contacts of Industry leaders looking for data storage
  • Get database and contacts of Industry leaders who need database management services
  • Get database and contacts of Industry leaders who want remote IT monitoring
  • Get database and contacts of Industry leaders who want network management and systems management

Our database of meticulously collected and routinely updated technology accounts can provide the much-needed fuel to kickstart growth for your MSP. We use advanced profiling services to help you segment your audience across multiple intelligence fields and gather sales-ready leads without breaking a sweat.

Use comprehensive technographic data to convince prospective buyers for a service upgrade or migration.

Discover the Best Sales & Marketing Strategies for Managed IT Services

Still getting half the business from referrals and personal networks? It’s time for a change-up. Now boost marketing tactics and create better sales materials using technographics. Access a triply-verified repository of contacts, actionable insights, tools, and solutions to successfully target accounts looking for MSPs like you. We house accurate, timely appended contact data and intelligence to always keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Seek 360-degree marketing support for:

  • TAM analysis
  • Technographic data
  • Pricing research
  • Product differentiation
  • Lead generation
  • LinkedIn marketing
  • Virtual events
  • Social media marketing
  • Webinars
  • Email campaigns
  • Custom marketing data
  • Data appending
  • Database segmentation
  • Account intelligence

Convince Technology Accounts to Upgrade Services by Forecasting Growth Needs & Revenue

  • Gain exclusive insights on changing technology needs, integration, and IT spending of customers and prospects alike.
  • Leverage TAM intelligence to identify prospective customers and leads looking for a technology upgrade or new services.
  • Access verified contacts of technology heads to share personalized messages and communicate deeper value for improved conversion.

Better Patient Care


Improve the effectiveness of marketing and sales operations to enable higher deal closures.

Grow MRR Organically Using a Robust, Account-Driven Sales Process

  • Create a failproof funnel by accessing target accounts and qualified technology leads instantly.
  • Grasp the primary needs, preferences, and purchasing intent of prospective managed service customers.
  • Combine over 75+ of intelligence fields with in-house database to gain a fuller understanding of prospects.
  • Deliver successful pitches to top business heads using multi-source, verified contact intelligence

Key Challenges That Managed IT Service Providers are Facing Today

  • Building new security approaches to meet the changing Cloud landscape
  • Maintaining a stack of relevant portfolio of equipment and services in line with the digital evolution
  • Finding additional margins to make up for the gross margin erosions caused by competitive pricing
  • Adapting services to meet the changing customer needs and overcome the growing competition
  • Eliminating overheads from setting up different types of solutions for different clients
  • Differentiating service offerings to gain more customers and retain older ones
  • Designing a highly effective pricing model depending on client needs
  • Convincing organizations to migrate away from legacy systems and infrastructure to Cloud

Ready to beat the challenges faster?
Our growth marketing and data experts can help.

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