Sales Conversions Just Got 10X Better with Lake B2B’s Outbound VoiceBot AI

Enjoy 80% Savings on Sales Resources with a Virtual Sales Team that’s Closing Deals 24×7.
Data Enhance and Appending

AI Agent for Outbound CX and Virtual Lead Generation

Easily Build Your Own Call Center, and Enjoy a Reliable, Stable Agent System in a Matter of Minutes.

Transform Customer Outreach & Lead Nurture

Get your Customer Data + Outbound VoiceBot to close sales faster and nurture lead pipelines.

Quick and Easy Set-up to Scale Experience

Grow happy customers and scale conversions with easy-to-deploy and zero-code agent team.

Enjoy Reduced Labor Costs in Sales Automation

Deploy a system that requires no salary or rest while routing the best customers for closures.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Follow-up with customers to remind them about offers, deals and benefits they are entitled to.

Take Your Lead Generation Programs to New Markets & Locations

Available in 18 languages for 400+ scenarios, 30+ industries and 5000 customer segments

Completed over 200,000,000+ human dialogues with knowledge graph across

Zero-code integration and local support in 12 countries around the world with 7*24 Service.


Lake B2B’s Outbound VoiceBot AI to Automate Your Customer Funnel

Combine Customer Big Data with Outbound Voice Systems
  • Load accurate prospect contacts with calling details into the CRM.
  • Integrate prospect mobile numbers with Lake B2B Outbound VoiceBot.
  • Activate and acquire customers with automated outbound interactions.

Convert Customer Interest Into Purchase Decisions

Leverage AI Outbound Voice Insights


Connect, Engage and Nurture Customers, Non-Stop

Your Virtual Sales Agent is Effective in the Following Use Cases:

  • Call Up Sales Prospects Directly
  • Call Up Prospects for Registrations
  • Call Up Prospects for Webinars
  • Follow-Up for Sales Qualification
  • Follow-Up for Sales Lead Scoring
  • Follow-Up for Sales Nurturing
  • Set-Up Reminder Calls for Clients
  • Set-Up Sales Appointments
  • Set-Up Sales Analytics Activation

Discover How Lake B2B’s Outbound Sales AI VoiceBot Drove Up $50000 Monthly Sales Pipeline for an Industrial Solutions Provider

Nurtured 200 New Prospects Through Webinar Registrations Every Month.

New Customer Acquisitions Jumped 8X Powered by Outbound Voice AI Follow-ups

Next-Gen Voice Enabled Outbound Reach has Improved Customer Lifetime Value.

“Lake B2B’s has enhanced our lead qualification campaigns leading to better conversions from cross-sell to previously generated warm as well as cool leads.”

– Sales & Customer Success Head

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