Take roots in the most lucrative retail channels with custom data and stay a step ahead

Experience Extraordinary Growth Metrics in Retail


B2B retail customers

Gain a 360-Degree View of Your Customer Data

Know the different ways you can convince B2B retail customers to drive successful sales volumes.

Start by asking questions like:

  • How can we promote multiple brands or product lines under a single parent CPG company?
  • How can we spot the best distribution channel and marketing solution for a niche product?
  • How can we identify primary decision-makers in a multistep retailing process?
Want to perfect your go-to-market retail process?

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Know where to find high-value supply chain deals faster

Identify the Primary Growth Pockets in Modern Retail

Directly connect with owners and management workers across:

  • Brick-and-mortar stores
  • Retail chains
  • Single-channel retailers
  • Modern retail outlets
  • Master franchise
  • High-end retailers
  • E-commerce sellers
  • Online retailers
  • New Retail chains
  • Big-box retailers

Make smarter marketing moves by understanding the length and breadth of your core retailer base.

Modern retail is altogether a different ballgame than the old single-channel retail. But we can help you ace the game by providing deep market intelligence on high-growth categories. Your CPG brand can initiate new retail partnerships by segmenting prospects based on growth potential.

Get exclusive TAM insights to close more valuable deals in your preferred retail market segment.

Realize the upside of custom data and marketing insights for your CPG brand.

Understanding the changing market dynamics should be your #1 priority. After all, data-driven supply chain management can reduce stock-outs, improve service performance, and minimize inventory levels. It can also lead to effective end-to-end retailer management.

At Lake B2B, you can avail of custom B2B intelligence to figure out the best distribution channels for your products. Personalize a list of leads using demographic information like:

  • Full Name
  • Company
  • Mailing Address
  • State
  • Country
  • NACIS Codes
  • Contact Title
  • Web Address
  • Phone Number
  • FAX Number
  • Geographical Location
  • LinkedIn Address
  • ZIP Code
  • Employee Size

Our unique supply chain and CRM management systems can keep your CPG product cycles top of the line and help exploit potential business growth circuits.

Gain Better Market Equity with Unique Lead Solutions

Test Market Waters for Your CPG Brand with Our Marketing Services

  • Engage high-value retailers
  • Identify best supply chain deals
  • Understand multichannel selling
  • Gain industry-specific intelligence
  • Retain both old and new customers
  • Locate cost-effective innovation markets

Figure out who your ideal customers are and want kind of products they want using our data analytics support. Our master database houses contacts of qualified leads looking for CPG firms you can engage directly.

online publishing channel

Figure out key trends in the retail industry to engage more distribution partners

Provide Unforgettable Experiences to Gain Better Shelf Space

  • Understand complex sales and distribution channels using our propriety TAM insights.
  • Personalize your product offerings to suit the retail demand and outshine your competitors.
  • Become a reliable CPG brand to bag new retail alliances and retain old ones readily.

Master the Four Ps of Modern Retail, And Then Some More

Dominate modern retail using our suite of services to:

  • Perform effective CRM management
  • Understand product demands
  • Know your TAM
  • Predict new growth pockets
  • Spot leading retail brands
  • Forecast pricing
  • Assess customer intent
  • Maximize branding

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Align Your Sales Channels for 2X Retail Growth

Align Your Sales Channels

Power Of Accurate

Gain deep market intelligence to spot high-intent customers.

By Online Behavior and Research Intent

Craft a winning strategy to match the demands of your retail audience.

Hyper-Personalized Messages

Convince different CPG customers and distributors with personalized messages.

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Access game-changing insights on high-intent retailers to build meaningful partnerships

Forge Lasting Retail Relationships

Uncover food and beverage industry

Spot key customer trends in the CPG and retail channels to serve customized offerings.

researching trends

Optimize your product lines to meet the demands of your ideal customer segments and personas.

Forecast food

Know your TAM inside-out to make better budgeting, production, and distribution decisions.

Optimize proposals

Give retailers consistent experiences to drive a higher degree of brand value for your CPG company.

Challenges in Retail

Challenges in Retail You Need to Address

Find dedicated audience development teams and campaign managers with our database services.

  • Communicating brand offerings to retail partners
  • Understanding the ever-changing customer expectations
  • Retaining strong retail relationships across product segments
  • Capturing niche market verticals
  • Adapting to the shifting B2B customer mindsets
  • Providing contextualized and consistent value propositions
  • Driving consumer-centric product innovation
  • Keeping pace with the competitors

Ready to transform these challenges into TAM opportunities?

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