Lake B2B Helps a Leading Healthcare Device Manufacturer Achieve 17% Increased ROI via Boosted Email Engagements and Conversions

25% Increase In Product Demo Enquires And Appointment-Setting Sign-Ups.

15% Increase In New Account Supported By Tele-calling, Follow-up Emails And Drip Email Campaigns.

Industry :Medical Device Manufacturing
Location :San Fransisco, the USA
Challenge :

Pitching offers and appointment settings for demos to niche doctor groups located in the USA

Solution :Lake B2B’s human-verified database that powered intent marketing solutions for pin-point conversions

Meet the Client

Located in San Francisco, the client is a global manufacturer and supplier of medical devices. Characterizing themselves as a premier pain management services provider, the company manufactures and distributes a diverse range of products for blood monitoring, neuro-diagnostic applications, IFC (interferential), stroke rehabilitation, and other related purposes. Currently, they provide pain management devices to numerous buyers, including retailers, medical facilities, hospitals, healthcare institutes, etc., across 20+ countries.



  • Pain Management Devices
  • Stroke Rehabilitation Devices
  • Markets Tens
  • Interferential (Ifc)
  • Blood Monitoring Solutions
  • Nmes Applications
  • Neuro-Diagnostic Application Devices

With an array of pain management products, the company had a pre-established prominence in this domain. However, the advent of telehealth solutions and ecommerce services created new competition for the client, diminishing its audience base significantly.

To tackle this problem head-on, the company’s sales and marketing team started deploying drip email campaigns scheduled every week. They intended to reach two specific customer segments: –

  • Doctors accepting Tricare
  • Workers’ compensation doctors

The company tried to engage these professionals solely in the usa, hoping to sign them up for product demos, sales pitches, product-centric newsletters, etc. However, targeting such niche audience groups would require in-depth data on each customer to understand their purchase intent. The client’s database lacked this, along with several key data fields that would determine each doctor’s geo-relevance to their offerings, their probability to make a purchase, and how to successfully engage them via email.

Without the intent data and holistic customer insights, the client was automatically losing out on prized prospects. Most of their desired customers were either stuck in the awareness stage of the funnel or simply leaking out of it. Given the client’s poor sales pipeline, they were also failing to retain existing customers. The deployed email campaigns failed to live up to their purpose as well, as they were being fueled by incorrect and outdated information.

Peter, the marketing rep, noted, “our sales witnessed a sharp dive, to the the point where we were making the bare minimum profit on each product sale. Our emails, from drip campaigns to follow-up ones, brought us no response or purchase actions. We quickly realized that our email engagement was dropping and we didn’t have the resources to solve the problem. Our churn and bounce rates skyrocketed too, making our existing customers choose other shops, so to say.


What Happened Next?
The client sourced out a local database provider to purchase an email list. Consequently, this database was no better than the company’s own CRM. Lined with outdated and incorrect customer records, the list further drove down the CRM’s efficiency, declining the barely-good engagement rates and customer conversions. Hence, the sales team noticed a surge in prospects leaving their funnel and knew that this local database wouldn’t cut it.


Peter contacted us at Lake B2B after going through our websites. Upon hearing the client’s problems, we immediately connected the team with our experts. The latter jotted down the company’s requests and provided them with the following solutions: –

In-depth customer records for intent marketing

Our data experts heard the company’s peril and understood that a run-of-the-mill database wouldn’t get the job done. The client needed to understand every customer’s purchase intent to know their position in the funnel and how to approach them best. Hence, we provided the team with market qualified contact intelligence: –

  • Doctors accepting Tricare – 600+ contacts provided
  • Workers compensation doctors – Close to 12,000 contacts provided

Moreover, these records also filled up the client’s CRM with updated information categories, like company address, direct mailing address, SIC code, ZIP code, fax number, employee strength, revenue, LinkedIn URL, etc. Using these, the team finally had the data to identify the best-fit audience groups and send outreach emails to them, customized according to each ideal customer profile (ICP).

Precise segmentation for blazing conversions

Now that the team knew which customers had the right intent and pattern, they could segment each audience group and focus on the most lucrative ones. Using our in-depth records, the company launched several drip campaigns, formulating a unique nurture journey for each lead. This accelerated every customer’s transition from the top to the bottom of the funnel, shortening sales cycles massively as well.

We also helped the team integrate ABM with intent marketing. Knowing what solutions the customers were seeking, where they were signing up, which keyword searches they were making, the sales team knew exactly how to approach every lead. Using account-based marketing, the client ensured that they targeted every prospect most likely to convert. Sending personalized content helped the company get multiple sign-ups, product demo appointments, and ultimately, countless sales.

Data-enriched insights for continuous success

Lake B2B’s thoroughly vetted and verified data, paired with our GDPR and CAN-SPAM compliant standards, ensured a 90% deliverability rate for emails. Plus, our pristine data helped the client’s CRM build on its existing customer information, retaining them via new and follow-up email campaigns designed according to their preferences.


Lake B2B’s growth marketing tactics, especially intent data solutions, helped the client onboard customers rapidly. This was also because the churn and bounce rates were reduced by X%, which meant that emails were being delivered to the right person, at the right time.

Onboarding medical decision-makers and the desired audience groups, the client also accrued new revenue growth of 15% in a month.

With an increasing number of sign-ups and appointments, the company’s website traffic grew by 12% as well. A 25% growth in demo appointment was also noted, a number the client didn’t think of achieving anytime soon.

“On the services front, we invested all our resources to produce top-notch products that created our formidable brand image. However, keeping up with the online competition posed to be a stout challenge, especially since we lacked the resources and in-house expertise. However, choosing Lake B2B’s services helped us turn a new leaf. We have beome data-driven and have far better grasp of customer behavior and the most promising prospects we need to focus on.”

“Lake B2B’s experts helped us target every well-fitted prospect in the US. It also gave us the tools to create the perfect content to engage and convert them seamlessly. We’d recommend Lake B2B to just about anyone looking to establish their marketing prowess and get paid customers effortlessly.”

– The Performance Marketing Head

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