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$30 Billion - That's The Annual Spending Of Drug Companies For Marketing Their Drugs To Doctors. (AARP, 2019)

That's only in one country! When you invest in consumer marketing expenses ($6.4 billion – for direct advertisements), the marketing costs alone are enough to drive up the cost of the life-saving medical goods and services. In the healthcare industry, the introduction of emerging technology, medications, and therapeutic options is nothing new. However, you can save a lot of money on marketing by delivering the right product to the right person at the right time.

Prescription Data Intelligence (PDI) –
Inroads to Efficient Targeted Marketing in Healthcare

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What is Prescription Data Intelligence?

Prescription Data Intelligence (PDI) is the information gleaned from 1.4 million medical prescriptions written by physicians and practitioners around the world. It's fantastic for gaining an understanding of current medical and healthcare technology guidelines.

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How does your business succeed with PDI?

The healthcare industry is known for its precision and accuracy. Prescription Data Intelligence contributes to the sector's dynamic dynamics by providing more of it. It will not only make healthcare providers more sensitive to patients' needs, but it will also allow them to save more money on targeted medical expenses and thus increase their profits.

In the pharmaceutical market, PDI has already proven its worth. Health organisations, healthcare facilities, and medical manufacturers and distributors, on the other hand, will all benefit from its numerous applications.