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In addition to print ads, the publishing industry will increase its spending in digital ads by 2016. Since digital ad sales will be higher, this is the case. In contrast, a newspaper agency loses almost $7 in print revenue for every $1 in ad benefit.

Greater revenue is possible as the ad room expands in various ways (retargeting exchanges, agency trading desks, and ad networks). More significantly, the ad space thrives on high inventory
management systems and structured ad investments.
In the publishing industry, a paradigm shift has occurred, with many business leaders preferring the digital space over every other platform for promoting their company.

  • To stay informed, nearly 60% of business professionals visit online portals at least once a week.
  • B2B publishers generate over 50% of their revenue online
  • News, research reports, and other types of information should be shared via email whenever possible.

These force the publishing industry to look for improvements in their digital marketing medium.

At AdvigData, the marketing woes of publishers come to an end through the following benefits:

  • Retaining the trust of the ad readers through tailor-made ads
  • Behavior-based targeting to offer the better experience to subscribers
  • Exposure to connections in the online social media
  • Database services and content services to reduce the production and investment overheads

Online ventures lose value over time due to a lack of database updates and missed leads. Attempts to increase readership by competitive engagements, literary platforms, and technological arsenals have largely failed. As a result, we help the publishing industry strike a balance between conventional marketing advantages and online possibilities.

Cost-effective database services sure to make publishers bloom to full scope:

  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Verification
  • Data Licensing
  • Bounce Management Master Data Management

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