Data Cleansing

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Time to Spring Clean Your Data

For clean and safe marketing databases, regular data cleansing is needed. The need to clean data is self-evident. In a month, about 3% of business data degrades. And, if left unattended, the majority of the contacts in your database would become obsolete or waste.

Despite the value of daily data cleansing, most businesses ignore it due to a lack of time or resources. This delay causes a high number of undeliverable mails, wrong-number calling, decreased productivity, and, eventually, financial loss to the company.

Data Cleansing Services from Advigdata are the most comprehensive and cost-effective way to scrub your data and make it useful to your business.

Our fast, effective, and proven Data Cleansing Services will result in:

  • Greater returns in marketing
  • Improved customer satisfaction rates
  • Saved money from wasteful campaigns
  • Reduced complaints from wrong mails or calls

How do we check and correct your data?

We use an automated matching mechanism to verify each record in your customer file. We search your information against our master database of 30 million business contacts during this phase. The matched records will be flagged and updated with new data in this automated phase. Apart from that, we review the records manually to ensure that the contacts are correct.

We also perform additional data hygiene during Data Cleansing. In this process, we:

  • Identify redundant contacts and remove them from the customer file
  • Remove all duplicate contacts
  • Standardize data by following one consistent format

Marketing and decision-making can benefit greatly from a clean database. Speak with one of our representatives or request a brochure for more details on this service.